Misr ITSOLUTIONS :: We are Your Way to Success


We, ITSOLUTIONS, a company that was established by the end of 2009. As we studied the business needs of the Egyptian and Middle East customers for a long time and through the experience of our founders, it was obvious enough that a single organization; capable of satisfying all the IT needs of the customer; is something highly demanded. That’s why ITSOLUTIONS have several different departments all of them are eager to fulfill all your technological needs and play its remarkable role in making your daily business life a lot simpler…

Our solutions let you extend your legacy and core business systems to easily and more securely interact with businesses, employees, and other government agencies. It is a fact that organizations face a mounting list of competitive and regulatory pressures. Beyond meeting stringent and dynamic customer demands, organizations operate in what is arguably today’s most tightly regulated market. Using our solutions and services, an organization can increase its competitive edge by transforming inefficient transaction-based processes into highly efficient interactive workflows. The beauty of these solutions that it can be easily integrated into existing platform to help:

• Increase your bottom line and shareholder value?
• Maximize your technology ROI?
• Increase your competitive edge?
• Reduce your overhead growth?
• Focus on your company’s core competencies?